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5 Driving Tips That Can Help You Avoid Car Accidents in Bad Weather

5 Driving Tips That Can Help You Avoid Car Accidents in Bad Weather

The car is not only a convenient transportation, but also the driver's responsibility, especially in bad weather, according to research conducted by American scientists. The rate of road accidents every year is 22% due to meteorological factors. That is why every driver required of him must have special experience and knowledge that helps him drive a car when the weather is so bad.
On our site, we will learn how to drive during bad weather outside in Brewing

1- driving In the fog  

driving In the fog
If you're driving in fog, you first have to keep the side windows open for your car so, you can better hear what's going on outside.
Besides, turn on the lights low instead of high, when using high lights, the light will be reflected in the smallest fog particles, which can confuse you while driving.

2- driving On a sliding road

driving On a sliding road

While driving on a sliding road, you should pay attention when climbing or descending to the bottom of the bridges. As a rule, going down at a high speed is a major danger to cars.

3- driving During the rain

driving During the rain

The British insurance company does not recommend using fog lights as it can hide the brake lights in your car, thus confusing drivers behind you.
Also, when you drive your car and see on the way of a large pool in front of you, it is best to park the vehicle and try to measure the pool to ensure that you can cross it.

 4- driving During the rain at night

driving During the rain at night

If you are driving your car during heavy rain at night, keep in mind that raindrops on the windshield of the car refract light and can blind you as a driver
 Besides, strong rain flows create a reflective screen when the headlights are lit;  So it is better to organize the headlights so as not to distract you

5- driving During a dust storm

driving During a dust storm
In order to safely arrive during a dust storm to the destination point, among many other recommendations, experts recommend a large manufacturer to leave the road, stop the car on the side of the road, as well as keep the headlights closed, otherwise, other cars may accidentally take your car lights  To move traffic and crash into it