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Price and specifications of Opel Astra 2020

Opel Astra 2020

The Opel Astra 2020 is among the modern cars that attract customers without a doubt, as it is a car that deserves the trust of its users.
It is worth noting that the Opel company was founded in 1863, it has a long history and its main founder, Adam Opel, designed the first Opel car in 1902.
There are many types of it such as Opel Cadet E, Opel Omega A, Opel Vectra A, Opel Astra A and it is one of the most popular types and it is our topic today.

Opel Astra 2020 specifications

The Opel Astra in general is a car that takes on a distinctive sporty form, and the car competes with a large number of the most luxurious cars such as MG 6, Nissan Sentra, Toyota Corolla, Renault Megane, Hyundai Elantra, and other great cars.

Despite the high status of competing cars, they are different and distinct from them, and they target young people in particular, because they look sporty in the first degree. The car comes with a powerful 1400 cc motor which is stronger than the previous model's motor.

  • Exterior design
The exterior design of the car is similar to the 2009 model, and the car comes with one class of equipment at a price suitable to its competitors, so it is valued at 321 thousand pounds.

The Opel Astra 2020 car has a powerful and robust motor with a capacity of 1400 cc turbo 4 cylinders and a capacity of 140 hp at 5000 rpm and the car's torque is 200 N / m during 1850 rpm.

In addition to an automatic transmission, the front traction system, a fuel consumption of 6.4 liters/km and an acceleration rate of 10.2 per second per 100 km.

  • Interior Design
The Opel Astra 2020 car has an excellent and comfortable interior design, the car contains 5 seats and four doors and the capacity of the trunk is 460 liters.

It includes front hand rests, rear headrests and front headrests, and the car does not have a rear cup holder or an electric sunroof.

The car is characterized by storage places in the rear and front doors and the steering wheel is made of luxurious leather and can be controlled easily, and there is also a feature of folding the back seats

  • Safety and security systems
There is an alert sound when the vehicle is not locked with a rear seat belt, an anti-theft immobilizer system, and an intelligent parking system.
The car has driver and front passenger airbags and advanced brake systems such as ABS brake and ESP.
In addition to some convenience features such as AUX port, trip computer and USB port with Bluetooth. There is a light in the back bag, an audio system and an electrical outlet with a cruise control.
A remote control system specializing in closing and opening doors with steering wheel audio control.

Features of the Opel Astra 2020 car

  • It features spacious and comfortable riding spaces.
  • The interior of the car is impressive with red meters and chrome accents.
  • The car features a comfortable suspension system and operates at all speeds.
  • The car is noticeably elevated from the ground.
  • The motor is strong and works quickly.
  • The vehicle's fuse is reliable and has no malfunctions.
  • The chairs are made of fine fabric.

Disadvantages of the Opel Astra 2020

  • Expensive spare parts.
  • The storage space in the car is medium and not large.
  • The exterior design is old.
  • The car fuse is heavy in movement and is not smooth conduction.
  • The viewing areas have a lot of blind spots.
  • The engine sound is too loud
  • The steering system in the car is not good for speeds.

The price of the Opel Astra 2020

The price of the Opel Astra 2020 is estimated at 20146 $