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Ford Explorer 2020 specifications and prices

Ford Explorer 2020 specifications and prices

ford explorer interior 2020 has many amazing features, as it is not like any ordinary car, and several changes have occurred and it is among the most important updates (Face Lift). And updates included the interior and exterior designs to become the luxury car that attracts large numbers of car lovers. As for the specifications and its engine, there has been no change in it. Here are the most important main specifications of the car.

2020 ford explorer interior specifications

ford explorer interior 2020 specifications is a large crossover, the car has advantages and capabilities that make it a strong competitor in the car market and among the cars that compete with Nissan Pathfinder , Jeep Cherokee, Chevrolet Travis .

The car looks more luxurious than all its competitors.

  • Exterior design
ford explorer interior 2020 has a front grille that looks aggressive in appearance and is surrounded by headlights and the car has new, large vents.
ford explorer interior 2020 has new air vents and front and rear bumper with new taillights.
The exterior of the car comes with beautiful touches that give a lot of aerodynamics, and for the wheelbase, it is the rear of the wheel.
  • Interior Design
Ford Explorer 2020 is based on higher-quality materials and a Sync 3 entertainment system, and this system works as standard on a brilliant 8-inch screen.
In the high version of the car, the screen size appears 10.1 inches, and the car supports Apple car play and Android Auto.
The car includes dual-zone air conditioning, Wifi and 4G, and a standard 6.5-inch or 12.3-inch dashboard for top copy.
The Ford Explorer 2020 car has a 12-speaker audio system and also includes a wireless smartphone phone.

For car engines (there is a 4-cylinder engine with a capacity of 2.3 G Turbo generating 300 horsepower and torque of 420 Nm / m.
The second V6 engine with a capacity of 3 liters with turbocharged power of 365 hp and torque of 514 N / m.
The engines contain 10-speed automatic transmission, and the vehicle is powered by a rear-wheel-drive system.
The engines will change in the future, depending on the 6-cylinder petrol engine with a capacity of 3.3 liters and an electric motor as well.
And for the Ford Explorer ST 2020 has a different performance than the previous ones, it has a 3-liter V6 engine with 400 hp turbocharger and 543 Nm / m torque.

  • Security and safety systems
The Ford Explorer 2020 has a Ford Coupelot 360 system, as this new system avoids shocks.
By monitoring the movement of pedestrians and alerting in case of any danger, while keeping the path inside.

Ford Explorer 2020 features

1- Ford 2020 features a new front grille that has excellent, attractive silver strips.
2- The car has fog lights and a rectangular design below the bumper.
3- The exterior design has headlamps equipped with LED type lighting technology.
4- The large and wide ventilation holes are located below the bumper.
5- The new car has C-shaped stables.
6- For fuel exhaust outlets (they are quad and circular design).
7- The car includes a new navigation screen to communicate well with the mobile phone.
8- In the car a wireless or Wi-Fi network.

Ford Explorer 2020 Prices

Ford company explained all the prices of its car for the new year to avoid the curiosity of its fans and the prices are as follows:
  • The main class of the Ford Explorer is priced at $ 31,000.
  • Ford Explorer Sport costs $ 45,000.
  • Ford Explorer XLT is $ 43,000.
  • The Ford Explorer Platinum is priced at $ 53,000.
  • A Ford Explorer Limited car is $ 41,000.

pictures of the new 2020 ford explorer