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Audi 2020 Q7 specifications and prices

Audi 2020 Q7 specifications and prices

The Audi 2020 Q7 is among the most popular SUVs in the USA and carmakers have focused on meeting the needs of European customers without regard to the American citizen.

So Audi recently went on with a new plan to focus on American customers, and other companies such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz followed suit. 

The demand for this car increased by the United States of America. It is worth noting that the Audi company has an ancient German background and origins, so the Audi car was founded since 1932, its founder August Horch and the company's headquarters in Bavaria in the town of Unlisted.

Audi continued to shine permanently until it continued our present time with a good reputation.
Audi is known to have nine production bases worldwide, and 99.5 percent of the shares are owned by Volkswagen.

Here are the most basic and complementary specifications of the Audi 2020 Q7.

Audi 2020 Q7 specifications

  • Car design
Audi 2020 Q7 carries a lot of storage space inside the storage bag to accommodate the entire luggage in addition to that the third-row chairs can be folded to double the storage space.

The new headlamps come in HD Matrix LED technology with some laser lights.
Audi has changed the rear of the car and the rear part with a new chrome strip that connects the taillights to the width of the vehicle.
  • Interior design of the car
Audi Q7 is a car that has a large and comfortable interior, and its interior is great, and the car has comfortable front seats that bring comfort to the passengers.

The only disadvantage of the seats is that they do not fit tall, and the third row is suitable for the elderly as it is comfortable and attractive.

The car gives comfort to the legs and head. As for the materials, it is of high quality, it is the long life car.
And the car includes new updates such as the dashboard drawer that opens with a button located in the console, and the back door of the bag is powered by electricity, so it was easy to open and close, and it is one of the most common defects that were fixed in this car.

The car includes seven seats and a German-made MMI information system, in addition to a double (touch screen) and is located in the middle of the dashboard.
  • Car engine
The Audi 2020 Q7 comes with a comfortable and quiet engine, and the FTSE gear shift lever fits all uses, whether economically or comfortably.

The car is running a modern technology system called the all-wheel-drive system and it is one of the first cars that invented this system and continued it, and the car has Wi-Fi technology and Audi Connect services with the mapping system.

The Audi 2020 Q7 comes with an efficient electromechanical fixation to reduce body movements on winding roads.

There is a four-wheel steering system, and its function is to convert the rear wheels to 5 degrees in the opposite direction of the front wheels at low speeds. And you can turn it in the same direction at a
higher speed to help stability while walking.

Audi 2020 Q7 features

  1. Audi 2020 Q7 provides an excellent driving position with a panoramic road view.
  2. The Audi 2020 Q7 features a reversing camera, large side mirrors and corner sensors that work very well.
  3. The car is characterized by the difficulty of hearing the sound of air or the sound of rubber on the road.
  4. Audi 2020 Q7 is distinguished by its stability on the ground, as it is a vehicle that works with 
  5. all-wheel drive, which helps it to stabilize significantly.

Audi 2020 Q7 prices

Audi 2020 Q7 starts at $ 50,000 up to $ 65,000, which is equivalent to SAR 187,000.

Audi 2020 Q7 rival cars

The Audi 2020 Q7 is a luxury SUV, which competes with some international models such as Mercedes GLE 2020, BMW X5 2020, Porsche Cayenne 2020, Landrover 2020, Volvo XC90 2020 and Lexus RX 2020.