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Specifications Ferrari SF90 Stradale 2020

Ferrari SF90 Stradale 2020

Ferrari SF90 Stradale 2020 has power, durability and speedy performance, surmounting the iconic La Ferrari model which is a hallmark of the Italian industry's ability to provide a wonderful driving experience with hybrid engines. Ferrari SF90 Stradale 2020 offers new standards in the world of engines

Specifications Ferrari SF90 Stradale 2020

This model comes with a unique and rare design, as its future lines highlight the capabilities of the plug-in hybrid car, so the car becomes sharper than other models of the Italian automaker Ferrari.

It has a wider body with a remarkable streamline as well as a low profile and flat rear profile with LED headlights and a slim rear

With a front lower ventilation port and a black roof that holds the shark fin to improve aerodynamic performance in addition to the front hood ventilation that includes a battery and engine cooler, and the rear design is completely different from previous Ferrari designs instead of the standard rear wing there is a wing integrated in the structure wonderfully attractive

It supports braking and maneuvering capabilities around turns with a special ventilation port on the top that helps air pass back or completely close.

✽ Cabin and technologies
The cabin has a number of innovations including touchable surfaces on the dashboard and the steering wheel, for a clean design and a minimalist arrangement with buttons and there are many options that provide the car's settings from the steering wheel only
And behind the steering wheel there is a huge curved 16-inch screen that has fully customizable compatibility to the overall character of the cabin.
It is taken from Formula 1 races like carbon fiber coated surfaces with seats of the same coverage type
Inside it there is a distinctive middle tunnel tunnel that includes a single cup holder and next to it there are conveyor buttons designed to simulate the handle of the metal carrier with an upper information screen on the windshield so that important information is displayed in a clear way directly in front of the driver

✽ Safety
This model comes with several seats and side airbags with a special door closure system designed for children in addition to the brake lock in order to support the ability of the brakes and activate them automatically

With electronic stability, self-dimming rear system and mirrors, corner sensors, rear cameras and shock-absorbing systems

The Ferrari SF90 Stradale 2020 comes with a 4-liter V8 turbo engine connected to three electric motors for a total capacity of 984 hp and 800 Nm / m of torque.

0-100 km / h in 2.5 seconds with a top speed of 340 km / h with an 8-speed automatic transmission