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Mercedes AMG A45 2020 specifications and prices

Mercedes AMG A45 2020 specifications and prices

Mercedes AMG A45 2020 is the latest version of the A-Class hatchback in its fourth generation and was manufactured at the beginning of 2019, it is a modern car but made a difference in the world of cars

Mercedes AMG A45 2020 specifications

The fourth-generation Mercedes comes with a powerful engine and a sharp design with the latest technology used that makes it a high-quality sporty hatchback

the design

The Mercedes AMG A45 2020 has a design similar to the A35, but it differs in some details, such as the front grille, it is of the iconic Panamericana type, usually available in larger versions of this model, so it became a compact car through this grille.

In addition to having larger side ventilation ports and a front diffuser, the function of increasing aerodynamics is with the presence of somewhat prominent side fenders

It also comes off the road less with side diffusers and a large rear spoiler connected to the rooftop with 18 or 19-inch wheels in the A45 S class in a dark gray color and the rear part has a low bumper and a large dispersal carrying quad exhaust pipes and the rear lights similar to the stock in an attractive sporty design

Cabin and technologies

The materials used in the cabin are of high quality and are very similar to many Mercedes models. The dashboard in the form of a wing divided into two levels with a high-tech center console and ventilation ports in the form of fans and also dual entertainment screens measuring 10.25 inches

The cladding is made of dynamic and microfiber leather dynamics with exquisite colored embroidery and safety belts appropriate to the color of the cabin. The A45 version offers a variety of yellow touches taken from the world of racing


The car has the latest radar systems and cameras to monitor traffic and cars up to 500 meters forward, and the car gets self-driving ability using navigation information and an active distance aide system

The car also includes emergency stop brakes, lane change assist, brake assist, front and side airbags, knees and windows, as well as chest


It comes with a 2-liter 4-cylinder engine of 382 hp and 480 Nm of torque with the lowest A45 class with a new 8-speed dual-clutch transmission (gives better acceleration capabilities) and allows starting from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.9 seconds and there is also a total drive system for wheels and a maximum speed of 270 km The average fuel consumption is 8.85 km / l